French Mackes
French Mackes - Constitution Party of Virginia

French Mackes

Many people mistakenly assume that the Republican Party is a conservative political party.  

The Constitution Party is at the opposite end of the political spectrum from the Democratic Party.

On the political spectrum, with the Democratic Party at one end of the spectrum, and the Constitution Party at the opposite end of that spectrum, the Republican Party is
much closer to the Democratic Party than the Constitution Party.

In a two person contest between a Republican and a Democrat, the Republican is likely the more conservative candidate.  However, in elections with more than two candidates, the best candidate is often not the Republican or the Democrat.  Do your own research.  See where the candidates stand on the issues.

Vote for the best candidate in any given election regardless of their perceived likelihood of winning.  It is not a waste of your vote.

Don't vote for the lesser of two evils.  

French Mackes continues to serve on the Executive Committee of the Constitution Party of Virginia.  French thanks the tens of thousands of Virginia Beach voters who voted for him in the past.


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